Dr Kevin Aminzadeh


Dr. Aminzadeh is an alumnus of the University of Michigan Graduate Prosthodontics program and the founder and chief executive officer of Implant Genius, the world’s first implant treatment planning company in which prosthodontists provide remote consultations on ideal implant positions and mentorship in esthetic and full mouth rehabilitation. As an expert in the field of photogrammetric analysis and treatment planning, Dr. Aminzadeh supervises teams of biomedical engineers, prosthodontists, and computer engineers based in Canada and the United Kingdom to develop AI driven tele-dentistry solutions. An award-winning educator, Dr. Aminzadeh is one of the founders of the West Coast Institute for Continuing Dental Education and teaches Implant treatment planning to graduate prosthodontic and periodontic residents at the University of British Columbia. A Canadian Board-Certified clinician, Kevin is the founder and director of Key Dental Laboratory, which specializes in esthetic implant restorations. Kevin maintains a private practice restricted to prosthodontics in Vancouver, Canada.

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